Friday, February 26, 2010

The Swan Song Of Ben's Blogging

Thats it, exams have ended, and I want to end blogging too... I'm not the kind of person who gets back home and write little snippets of what I did with people you don't know and how I felt and how angsty I am and things like that. No. If i wanted that I would keep a diary, and NONE of you will be privy to it. I mean, would you really care about the inside jokes that I make with my clique of friends that you are not part of? Maybe you do. In that case, lurk facebook.

I belong more to the not so new breed of bloggers, people who prefer to just put a nice picture on the blog and caption it, or a image of some words that people will read because its in an jpeg file and its a different font. Or the blogsite for low attention span ppl: twitter.

But I don't like putting up pictures I didn't take or drawings I didn't draw or poetry I didn't write or songs I didn't sing (or at least didn't sing in tune). I don't wanna rip others off. Sure, stuff like that is nice, great to read and gawk at, meaningful even, but for me, I don't feel that I should put up other people's hard work so that my blog has something interesting to read. Not trying to diss the rest who do, its just that I can't do it. But YOU can, because you have the gift of finding the right images or words, or even the habit to spread cool stuff you found. You make the most interesting blogs. But i'm not you.

So thats two kinds of blogs I read that I won't write.

Instead, I kinda thought of an ambitious project that'll probably fail but its worth a shot. Its a compromise of a "standard" blog where you tell the world what you did and feel, with the other kind of blog i can't name, and an art page.

Anyway, I need an outlet for my crazy imagination that i lock myself into, that make me seem to be in my own world, that defines the kook that is Ben Leong.

Doug will be involved. He also has a friend name Katt. I can't decide if Katt is a boy or girl, maybe its grandfather was this famous one.

I really don't know what the eff I'm doing. But I want to do it well.

So its goodbye for beninhisden, which will now become a cesspit of blogmemes or mundane miscellany and a archival webpage. It also has a useful links section to better blogs.

If the procrastination will stop anytime soon, will be activated.

Ramblin' on.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hey poly peeps

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Philosophical Question of the Day!

For actually checking if I update this blog, you get a reward! A PICTURE!!!! WITH A PHILOSOPHICAL QUESTION TOOOOO!!!!! Hell yeah!

You may now return to your daily lives.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'll make it a point to try to update this rusting site more regularly... But I just don't know how to express stuff through the form of a written blog anymore. It ain't me.

Instead I'll post random stuff here.

I just wish all my exams and projects will be smooth and pass quickly. I'm not aiming for good grades anymore. Forget it. I'm aiming for "can understand the questions" at this point of time. I have always scraped through poly exams, by a few marks or two, and i guess this one will be no different. Except theres a chance of not even being close to "scrapping" pass it liao...

I just want to apologize to my MP partner. My gpa is gonna pull our chances of getting the choice we want.

Ah. Screw it. Gonna read other ppl's blog, and try abit of bioinfo, and go to sleep.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So many ideas, but none of them regarding studies. Also, Zeninhisben!!!!!.... is still postponed.

The past few days, I think i bumped my head on something, and suddenly I got a EPIC RUSH OF CREATIVITY into my tiny cerebal cortex. I can't stop daydreaming of stuff, making up weird ideas, and worse, I am sleeping less. Even worse, NONE of this creativity is being channeled into my studies.

THE WORST: I got no time to put this creativity into use, as I gotta study, and ironically need to block out the ideas. The only time these torrent of craziness is jotted down is during boring lectures, where I quickly sketch and write these down, at the expense of attention to the overworked lecturers.


Hopefully I can keep this slightly unnecessary "creativity" on hold until I complete my exams...

You know why???


I can't procrastinate anymore. I set an actual dateline liao. I'm meant for more than what I'm going through now.

This kinda shows how I'm feeling right now

Exams, be merciful on me.

Stick with me baby.

PS: Isnt the beninhisden dog cute? His name is Dawg, he just met you, and he loves you!

PS PS: He has a tabbycat friend name Katt.

PS PS PS: This Katt has no relation to Katherine Ong at all, although they are of the same feline phenotype, and I knew Katt since before I joined poly. I think. Or even before I knew Kat.

PS PS PS PS: Pang Sai.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

theZenofBen Opening soon! (again)

The front page design for TZOB is 75% done, which means it should be opening!..soon....

However, the content is like almost 0% done...

Anyway, i'll stop procrastinating. Tomorrow.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Anticlimatic New Year!!!

I was taking a bath, then suddenly I heard loud screaming from my neighbours, shouting "HAPPY NEW YEAR!". While i was bathing. While everyone is partying and getting all high and rowdy, I spent my first new year minute in the shower. Talk about exciting.

Anyway I was practicing songs for tomorrow's lg meet up, when a tiny baby lizard came onto my wall! Awesome cute! It was on my encouragement cards, and i quickly took pictures, scaring the poor creature. It ran away from my desk as this evil looking guy from above kept approaching him with a shiny looking machine, jumping onto "The Roald Dahl Omnibus", and later to the Bible. Actually... this post is useless without pics! I'll post some pictures of the cute little fella soon.

Yes, its new year and i begin by showering, realising how tone-deaf i am singing Stereophonics' Rewind (its a song for the meet up, but don't tell them!), and taking pictures of lizards. I'm a cool kind of guy.

Oh, Happy New Year

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Too much to talk about

So much stuff, so little time. Really too tired to blog now. I'll just summarize what I have to say in point form.

-Being paid to be Santa Claus in front of the public is much more worse and less fulfilling then doing it from the bottom of your heart pro-bono in a Christmas outreach event

-Church camp, was, not gonna suger-coat it... Weird. It covered the whole spectrum of stuff. Its the best camp I ever been to, and also the worst. I had the best of times there, and also the lowest of times. Made some great friends and ticked off some old ones. Worked my best and slacked the most. Learned alot and learned nothing. Had a great location and also a not very conducive one. Was one of the best organized camps, but also organized in a strange way. Found out alot of things about myself, but am even more confused. Discouraged and encouraged me. Was spiritually attacked yet spiritually enlightened.

Anyway, at least the good outweigh the bad. In fact, its the bad parts of the camp that taught me alot of things.

Overall, this is definitely a very different camp for me. No impulsive jump jump or emo emo times. No reached-the-top-and-slide-back-down feelings. Rather than my other camps, which I felt were mountain peaks of my life, I felt this camp was a pit stop in the on-going climb up the (almost) never ending mountain of life.

I went for camp for two main purposes: To serve my best to God as a sub-comm member, and to reconnect with God. I'm glad I kind of fulfilled both objectives. Now its just up to me on my daily journey to take up my cross and follow Jesus.

-Carolling at taka was awesome.


-Thezenofben will not open until the front design has been finalized. That could take awhile.

-Cheer up, girl.

-Made some resolutions, but i shall break my ongoing resolution to not wait for New Year to make resolutions by procrastinating.


-Wow I became more and more lazy in typing posts. Just compare this with my posts of last year. Haha.

-Cya soon ppl